RFID with Exhibition Collection

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Update time : 2022-01-01 00:00:00

Time flies, the way people used to run museums are changed. Instead of traditional museums, visitors are able to see exhibitions online, in excursions and lectures more often. For museums, millions of collections’ profiles need to be uploaded online for management and online exhibitions, and also need to make records while they are lent or returned. How to track exhibits and how to make the record in time become the main problem.


In the past, using tags on exhibits and count them by hand for stocktaking caused several problems.

1. It was a huge task to make the record by hand for thousands of exhibits and always had mistakes.

2. Sometimes, it was hard to find out where the tag is. Maybe in the bottom of the vase, maybe in the back of picture. These tags are hard to see or check, and may damage treasures while searching.  

3. For stock-in and stock-out procedures, staff needs to record on notebook by hand firstly and then input it on computer. It was a huge task and waste of human resource.

4. When tags are damaged, making record or check its invertory record becomes difficult.


J-COM SD100-RFID aims to solve this kind of technical problem for museums, auction house, art gallery and individual collectors etc.. Using RFID to record collections ensures the accuracy and efficiency.


In new collection management system--- ArtOffice, every single collection has its own identity by taging with RFID electronic tag, so its moves and inventory history can be traced in time and accurately. Therefore, the whole management procedure becomes easier and quicker.


Benefits of SD100-RFID

01. Accurate Location, making inventories quickly

Collection with RFID tag has its unique identity in system, stuff working with handheld terminal records every move he/she did with this collection, and data are uploaded immediately. collaborative software can safely, conveniently and efficiently manage the data of extraction, return, inventory and other procedures. By reading RFID to record moves can greatly improve work efficiency, warn misoperation earlier, reduce errors, avoid information dispersion and reduce the difficulties for checking.


02.Easy for date statistic, easy for checking 

Reports, charts and data statistics are available on screen immediately.


03. Large screen and comfortable handle

It is easier to use with a large screen and simlified operation process.


04.9000mAh Battery

The battery can support the whole day work without charging.