People are using terminals in every walk of life ①

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Update time : 2021-12-24 21:17:00

Recent years, automatic and intelligent system are widely used than ever before, actually, its products are able to be found in every walk of life like the barcode scanner in supermarket, handheld terminal in logistics, and RFID handheld readers for ticket checking etc..  

IOT mobile computer is also named handheld data collection terminal or factory data collection terminal. It’s mainly used for collecting, dealing, checking and delivering information comes from factories’ producing procedures, Besides, not only in traditional industries like logistics, retail, and clothing, modern inventories like financial, electric and government utility also use IOT terminal for higher working efficiency.

1. In clothing industry

Hundreds of clothes in inventory, how to count them ASAP? By using J-COM’s RFID reader SD60RT. Just hold the machine in hand, and it will read the unique RFID tag we put on each clothes, in the room, the reading distance can be 18 meters, and in outside, it can read tags from 8 meters away. With the online system, counted clothes will be shown in “inventory” column, and its information can be more explicit based on the information you put in the tag. 

2. For logistics and delivery

In daily life, it can always be seen that delivery man hold a machine in hand for scanning the barcode on parcel when they do delivery or collection. The machine they hold is the IOT handheld terminal. J-COM recommend SD55 comes with excellent NewLand CM60 scan module for barcode scanning requirement. SD55 is able to do intensive scanning work, and have ability of scanning code in different circumstances like folded, bent code. Scanning the barcode and send the parcel to right direction.

3. For retail industry

Compared to other industries, terminals used in retail management is much more familiar to normal people. In the supermarket and other retail stores, staffs check items with IOT terminals by scanning barcode or reading rfid tags. Sometimes, staffs are only checking the quantity of inventory, sometimes, they also check which shelf they put the products on, J-COM’s HT35 support both touchscreen and keypad input, make the job much more convenient.

4. For Manufacturing

IOT Handheld terminal is on duty for item-by-item management and accessories’ information checking in manufacturing. With J-COM SD100, it can also be used for reading large excel or form in car factory if it it essential.

After looking at these 4 traditional industries that IOT terminals are working for, next time, we are going to discuss three new industries that acquire IOT terminals’ help.