2022 Sales Meeting in Shanghai

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Update time : 2022-03-11 18:10:32
Managers introduced how we did in 2021
On Mar. 4th 2021, Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd. held sales meeting in Shanghai. In the meeting, we looked back to 2021. We saw achievement we made, and shortcomings exploded.

We set goals for 2022 with best wishes.
Overseas team valued
In 2021, speedata decided to launch the new brand J-COM for APAC area customers only.

In this meeting, our overseas team introduced J-COM brand in details including its official website, flagship products and sale strategies etc.
Flagship Products SC40
Project manager introduced flagship products SC40.

As the most important products for J-COM this year, SC40 is introduced in details for its design, features and customer segments.

J-COM made this SC40 for APAC customers especially, and now is doing big sale.
Overseas Team
Several team members attended the meeting on behalf of the whole group.

In 2022, with the new goals and strategies, we will work harder to achieve new goals.
Product and Support Team
Products are the base of the whole sales plan, and thanks to our product team for designing the best mobile computers and barcode scanners this year, and we wish to see more amazing products in the future.

At the same time, support team is the gurantee of our customer-hearted service. J-COM supports 18-month gurantee service, and thank you, our support team.