Now, people are always holding something in hand even during the work. Industries are trying to fit the world’s new trend, and using mobile computers for work. 


Detecting Traffic violation
Just using eyes to detect these is impossible in this quick developed world.

Checking cars on road
Stop the car and do checking may cause congestion.

Handwriting fine
May be lost in accident, or write down the wrong number, sometimes users may not able to remember the number in time.

Traffic detect need to be 100% accurate.
Information gathered need to be uploaded in time.
Devices are required to be lower weight for bring easily;
Larger capacity of battery is needed for outdoor work;

Speedata recommends our mobile barcode scanner FG50 with 5G available. Except the overall improvement in performance, its smaller size and lighter weight perfectly suits outdoor workers. Meanwhile, stable communication connection let data be transferred in time, and CM60 barcode scan engine ensured both accuracy and efficiency.
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