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Product Warranty

  • 13 months after-sales
    service guarantee

    The warranty Period is 13 months for equipment and accessories, and 6 months for battery. Outside the warranty period, the additional cost is 1.5% for the first year and 2% for the third year.

  • 1 German aftersales
    service centre

    Set up a service center in Germany to save your shipping costs and provide maintenance and replacement services

  • Friendly Service 24

    24 Hours Answering Service friendly and promptly at your services

Support Service

  • Verified ISO9001 Manufacturer

    Follow the ISO9001 quality management system and cooperate with foxconn to ensure the perfect quality of products

  • Assembled by FoxconN

    Enpower the IoT by AI Technology and ODM Custom Technology

  • High-technology Company

    Provide completely Free SDK info and High Technical Support for your projects

Find a Repair Center

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