The company's intelligent terminal products use open platform flexible configuration: the main operating system WindowsMobile, WinCE, Android; one dimension code, two-dimensional code, RFID, GPS, WLAN function module free choice.

Company profile

Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd. ( stock code: 832442) was founded in 2008, It is a high-technology R&D company in IoT industry.

It's focused on providing intelligent terminal devices and industrial solutions to empower the IoT field. It's specialized in researching and developing, customizing and manufacturing industrial intelligent terminal device.

Speedata has extensive experiences of industrial applications and solutions in data collection for over 10 years. By establishing a close partnership with advanced systems integrator and distributors, we have accumulated a lot of customer resources in different areas,such as such logistics and express, retail chain management, public security, membership management, health care, warehouse management, surveying and mapping, agriculture, water conservancy, communications etc.

Vision: Artificial Intelligence empowers Internet of Things

Mission: Emproving Productivity of every Industry by IOT new technology


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    ODM Customizations

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  • Pcs

    Assembled by Foxconn


  • 2008

    Company founded, Started focusing
    on development of mobile internet
    products,Set up the Shenzhen branch
    office to explore overseas markets

  • 2010

    Established Dalian Zhuoxun Software
    Technology Co., Ltd. as its new soft-
    ware development center

  • 2012

    Started brand name marketing,Set up
    Shanghai branch offic,Registered
    trademark,Launched modulized product

  • 2014

    Provided Brazil World Cup mobile
    ticket checking device,Reorganization
    started for listing at NEEQ, Company
    renamed to Speedata Technology Co., Ltd

  • 2015

    Listed at NEEQ (stock code: 832442)
    Speedata International Trading Company
    established to explore global markets

  • 2016

    Ironman Series PDA have a mass production
    with customized functions,widely used
    in 1000 solutions all over the world

  • 2017

    Speedata has double Sales reaching
    to 100 million,and USA Solutions
    Branch is established

  • 2018

    New logistics products luanches successfully
    High-technology Artificial Intelligence
    empowers Internet of Things,and we'll
    have other more industrial products

Company honors

  • Member of High-tech Enterprise Association

  • Z-Park High-Tech Enterprise

  • High and New Technology Enterprises

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