Meter Reading can also be very smart - Meter Reading Terminal


Meter Reading can also be very smart - Meter Reading Terminal

When it comes to meter reading, I believe many people are familiar. We often use some common resources in our life, such as Hydropower, Natural Gas, etc., through the exclusive meter equipped, we can display a certain settlement basis , according to the corresponding usage.  Therefore, the management personnel of water and electricity or gas need to collect the data of the meter from house to house, as the settlement basis, to collect the fee or as the company record . This is what we call Meter Reading. Now, by using the Beijing Speedata Technology Handheld Terminal RFID Handset, Meter Reading has become very smart.

In the traditional Meter Reading Application, the meter reading staff needs to carry a paper record book, then reach the position of each household meter, visually check the corresponding data and record it on the paper medium, and then return to the company for verification, calculate and confirm the corresponding user charge information. During series of processes, the following problems are faced:

1. Climb up and down, it is inconvenient to read.  Meters are generally in a relatively high position based on application requirements. It is necessary for the meter reading personnel to visit the fixed point, and then climb up and down to use the naked eye to view the data. It is heavy and error prone. Use Handheld Terminal RFID Handset can solve this problem perfectly. By remaking each meter, embedding the sensor and the NB-IoT communication module, the meter is read by the RFID handset when the meter reading staff arrives at the location. No need to climb up and down, just swipe the Handheld Terminal to quickly collect, and greatly improving work efficiency.

2. Paper Records, Manual Accounting. After reading the data successfully, the traditional meter reading will generally record through the paper medium.The serial number or the house number can be used to determine the corresponding data attribution, which is easy to cause mistakes. At the same time, returning to the company, they have to calculate the final charging result again, which wastes a lot of time and labor costs. The Speedata Handheld Terminal RFID Handset can completely avoid this.

After scanning with the Handheld Terminal, the data is quickly collected, and after reading by the RFID Handset, the corresponding data and the machine are perfectly bound, and the final charging result is quickly recorded. At the same time, using wireless or 4G functions, data can be transmitted back to the company system in real time or be outputed wired . It ensures the accuracy of the data, simplifies the process and improves efficiency. Speedata's Handheld Terminal ( has become the Core Application of Smart Meter Reading, created a new breakthrough in the meter reading industry with its technical strength.

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