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Intelligent Tape PK20 makes your sorting and picking items more efficient and accurate.

What is PK20

PK20 is a smart digital tape for data collecting in express and logistics industry, it's focused on recording the length, width and height of the parcel and smartly matching it through scanning the barcode. At the same time, it can upload the data in real-time for output.

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PK20 application

With the rapid development of the express and logistics industry, Innovation, Efficiency and intelligence working have become the mainstream model in Internet of Things field.
In order to sorting express delivery items smartly and quickly in logistics distribution centers, Smart Digital Tape PK20 replaces the traditional manual operation with pen and tape measure.
It focuses on scanning the bar code quickly on the express items, measuring the length,width and height, than recording the related data and uploading in real time through wireless 4G/Bluetooth.
On this way, we improve the work efficiency of sorting in distribution centers. quickly and accurately uploading data in real time.it realize to be low cost, high accuracy and fast efficiency.

Why Choose PK20

In Logistics distribution center, there usually has 3 types of tool to pick and sort item goods: DWS equipment, Traditional Tape and our new product intelligent tape PK20.
Advantages as following:

  • DWS equipment or large bubble recorder
    small & medium-sized
    >60kg <15M
    High efficiency, High Cost

  • Traditional tape
    Large & Medium & small
    >60kg >1.5M
    Low efficiency,Low Cost

  • Intelligent tape PK20
    Large & Medium & Small
    >60kg >1.5M
    Fast Calculation, Low cost, Real time

Why Choose PK20

The new measurement is 50 times faster than manual work

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PK20 Parameter

Dimension 146*75*33 mm
Industrial Grade IP54
Color Black
Material ABS TPU
Weight 350g
Black Mark one
Display and Keyboard
LED Light Red-charging, green-bluetooth, yellow-function
Display 128*64 OLED, support Chinese & English
Keypad quick scanning button, 5 functions buttons
Standby Time >600H
Continuously Working Time <120H (avaliable for 5 days)
Battery Built-in lithium battery, 3000mAh
Automatic Sleep the default is 150s
Charge >Mini USB interface,5VDC/500mA,charging time 4h
System Upgrade Mode BLE wireless
Working Envirtonment
Temperature Operating:-20 to 40,Storage:-20 ℃to 60 ℃
Humidity 5%-90%
Digital Tape Measurement
Bluetooth BLE4.1, support App quick scan pairing, transmission
distance is 10m-40m, without blocking
Measurement Precision ±2mm
Range 16mm-2200mm
Effective Measurement Hook tape to pre-benchmark or back-benchmark
Built-in Steel Tape 16MM×2.2M, high quality steel tape
(replaceable disassembly)
Barcode Scanning
Scanning Engine Honeywell N43 1D Barcode Scanner
Barcode Types UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-E1, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN/ISSN
Code 39, Code32, Trioptic 39,Interleaved 25, Industrial 25
(Discrete 2 of 5), Matrix 25, NW7, Code128, UCC/EAN 128, ISBT128
Code93, MSI/Plessey, UK/Plessey, EMS code
Scanning Speed λ=650nm 100±10 times/S, resolution: 3mil
Scanning Distance 10-50cm
* For details, please click on learn more Learn more

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